Modpack 1.0.3 Breakdown

Download this mod pack here
To upgrade your existing 1.0.2 ModPack, download the upgrade pack here and copy the new mods to your mod folder.

Mod Version
Archimedes Ships 1.4.5
BuildCraft Tools 1.4-a-9
Extra Bees and Trees 1.8.0
Biomes O’ Plenty
BuildCraft 4.2.2
Chicken Chunks
GalactiCraft 2.0.11
Gravestone 1
Hats 2.1.4
Hat Stand 2.1.0
Iron Chests
Millenaire 5.1.11
Not Enough Items
Tinker’s Construct 1.5.3
VoxelMap 1.7.2
Damage Indicators
WAILA 1.5.1
NEI Addons 1.10.4
NEI Mystcraft Plugin
Inventory Tweaks 1.5.6
+ TreeCapitator -

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